Laptop Lenovo B470

Laptop Lenovo B470 is worth doing small-medium business notebook with 14-inch form factor portable. B470 offers dual-core Intel processor, 4GB of RAM, fingerprint reader, and both Intel HD or NVIDIA graphics. This system also provides 6 hours of battery life is very good phone.
* 14,0 “HD 720p tampilan glossy (1366x768) dengan LED backlighting
* Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
* Intel Core i5-2410M prosesor dual-core
* NVIDIA GeForce 410M (switchable ke Intel HD)
* 4GB RAM DDR3 (1333MHz)
* 500GB 5400rpm hard drive Hitachi
* Intel 802.11 b / g / n
* Bluetooth 2.1
* DVD-multi (dual layer) drive optik
* 6-cell Li-ion (48Wh, 10.8V)
* Pembaca sidik jari
* Integrated webcam
* Berat: 6.61
* Dimensi: 1.30 (H) x 9.22 (W) 13.37 (D)

The new B470 notebook features a matte textured black plastic design with a horizontal line on the screen lid. The lid has rounded corners and around the screen is covered in glossy plastics. The design is fairly standard and simple, which is good considering that it is a business notebook. The only design elements that might make this notebook stand out from other business notebook is glossy plastic around it (and in) the screen. Gloss will also collect fingerprints and dust easily.

Plastics are used in the display is weak in the corners if you bend them into, though, the "ripple" effect on the LCD is not created. Close as a whole are not as durable as it should, this could be helped by adding a little aluminum. The hinge of the screen is average; ie, he continued to cover in place, but it's pretty easy to bend back and just show a little difficult to bend forward.
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